Bottger is known as the potter who discovered with the help of his mentor Tschirnhaus how to make hard porcelain that was to revolutionise the art of ceramic making in Europe. While Hard Paste originated in China 800 years prior it was very valuable to the Saxony Emperor Augustus the Strong King of Poland to have an employee who could turn earth into gold. The Porcelain that Bottger discovered how to make would become almost as valuable was why he was so important to the King and imprisoned. But that is only part of the story. Bottger died at the humble age of his mid thirties in 1719 barely eleven years after his discovery while the porcelain he made would be made use of to be modelled into different types of service wares for a further decade or so. In this video can be seen the earliest of his wares; A brown polished stoneware jar and cover and a pilgrims flask, a black and gilt tea bowl and saucer made in the stoneware circa 1710, a teapot imitating the Chinese  Yixsing wares of the earlier 17th century with later applied decoration. A white teapot with applied branches and leaves, a white vase modelled after the traditional Japanese ‘Saki’, vases and an early teabowl and saucer with primitive painting.

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