I can never spend enough time wandering through the rooms of the V and A. The highlight of which is the lifesize fountain that I hope to be able to film at some point. Nevertheless while glancing at the may hundreds of pieces of Meissen in the main display cases I must leave them behind and view more wall cabinets all full of the rarest but thankfully not so crammed in. I must forget that during my travels I get to personally handle many similar objects that come up for sale from time to time in the major auction rooms and specialist dealers around the world; albeit have their own links with the possessors of these magnificent rarities and most valuable of Meissen prized by every major collector and institution that has interest in this remarkable porcelain manufactory. Again I am confronted by characters from the Italian Comedy, the most prized of all figurines or group; Harlequin and Columbine that are seen in different forms. Just like the main display case, more figures of tradesmen can be found as well as one of the earliest groups known to have been made circa 1730; A large figure of a Chinaman immersed in foliage.

The manner in which these very rare objects are presented I can easily forget about their intrinsic rarity. Each piece has its own little bit of uniqueness. Where the difference lies in this particular display are pieces that are Hausmalerai; that is pieces that were sent out of the Manufactory to be decorated by outside artists or pieces whereby artists were invited to paint on situ.  Here I see items painted by Seuter, Pressnitz, Metusch and also pieces by the most famous of the outside decorators by the silversmith Ignaz Preissler who decorated much of Bottger porcelain in silver and gilt.

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