Colombin awas one of the first, if not the first female role to be actually played by a woman in the theatre. She was originally called sobretta (soubrette in French) later known as fantesca (maid) or servetta (female servant).  However she later became Columbina, the name she is famous for.

Columbina wore the simple costume of a working woman: a bodice with chemise underneath, and separate skirt covered with an apron. The apron reflected her status as a servant.

Here are some delightful Columbina figures from important sale catalogues:
Figure Of Columbine With Mask
Figure Of Dancing Columbine From The Weissenfels Series
A Meissen Figure Of Columbine Playing The Hurdy-Gurdy
A Meissen Figure Of Columbine From The COMMEDIA DELL’ART



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