The purpose of The Meissen Man Resource is to engage enthusiasts, be them collectors, dealers and investors to expand their knowledge base of antique Meissen Porcelain.
In particular to give you a greater understanding of the huge part Meissen Porcelain played in the collecting field of ceramics. If it wasnt for the invention of hard paste porcelain at Meissen production of ceramics in Europe would have been very limited relying on exports from China and Japan, whose expert quality is in most ways inferior to the qualities that Meissen Developed as a porcelain Manufacture.
While after the seven years war  Meissen did lose its dominance that the prime manufacturer of all types of porcelain where it surpassed all its competitors was in the manufacturer and modelling that Kaendler produced in the eighteenth century in its figural creations and still retains this dominance today.
In  Japan, albeit particularly China who employed a large proportion of their population to produce their porcelain wares, other than itemps produced for the Ching Emperors the emphasis was on  utilitarian pieces that in general is far more cruder when comparing to the painting at Meissen or other European Manufactories.
There was primarily two types of avenues the Management at Meissen pursued. One was in its table wares and the other was table decoration that included the vast selection that Kaendlers modelling department manufactured primarily for its wealthy.
In China and Japan in comprison only an extremely small proportion of figural pieces were manufactured in ceramic form, and dont in any way  compare to Meissen. For information about the seven years war that began in 1756 and ended in 1763. During this period  the Prussians temporarily used the Factory as a hospital for its troops while much of the tools of Meissens trade were removed to Berlin .

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