A Dresden copy of a Meissen Plate.

Watteau scenes of lovers were amongst the most plentiful of Meissen designs in the 19th century, copied from originals made in the middle of the eighteenth century. Helena Wolfson a Dresden porcelain painter and manufacturer was the chief copier. For the most part she marked her pieces with the AR Mark. But sometimes it is found with a fake ‘cross swords mark. The cross swords mark seen here was never painted in absolute straight lines as depicted on the reverse of this plate.  For a plate to have ben original Meissen with the AR mark it would have had to be manufactured in the 1720’s. While on 18th century Meissen can be found cross swords marks similar to the mark on this plate, Watteau designs were not seen until the 1750’s and such a mark would have pre-dated the design. This particular plate dates from circa 1900.

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