Il Dottore (the doctor)

Il Dottore (the doctor) was a caricature of a  learned man, pompous and fraudulent.Born in Bologna, at the time in which the University was well established in the capital of Emilia (second half of 16th century). He is fat; exemplifying riches, always dresses in black, well groomed and talks non-stop.He pours out a veritable river of ostentatious, useless science, satirizing the contemporary beliefs in science and humanism.

The Doctor character is normally used in the Commedia dell’Arte plays to put a break in the action, with empty, pre-fabricated and supposedly erudite monologues.Popular hostility toward this type of ‘know-all’ character shows how the Commedia dell’ arte used characters like this to pull the leg of every established belief with the typical Italian humour and irony.

Here are some fine examples of The Doctor figure in Meissen porcelain.

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