This pair of Meissen Pagoda Figures;  also known as Nodders. These Nodding figures are the most unusual types of figures in which they have articulated hands and head. Each moveable part is attached to a lead weight that acts as a pendulum. While originally made by Kaendler hardly any of the models exist. There are models that were originally ordered by Frederich the Great sitting in a tea house in Potsdam.

Because of their rarity the 19th century examples have become very sought after. The example in the above video was modelled by Leuteritz circa 1880. Tthree sizes of these articulated figures exist 15cm, 21cm and 31cm high. Christies sold a single Meissen Pagoda figure that dates from 1745 but only the head was articulated. However it is debatable whether the head is original to the figure.

The Meissen Man