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Learn all about the history of the most famous porcelain manufacture in history. From the all-powerful ruler of Saxony, Frederich The Great Augustus the Strong Elector of Saxony King of Poland, and his obsession with porcelain, though the centuries to the finely crafted and highly prized pieces currently produced in Meissen today, the Meissen man guides you along the Meissen time line.

Famous pieces

Here is where The Meissen Man shares his stories of what most collectors consider to be the most exquisite range of Meissen pieces, Rare Designs; the Commedia dell’arte; Paris Criers; etc. Everything you could ever know about Meissen Porcelain is accessible at The Meissen Man

About Fakes

Even experts have, at times, been fooled by some of the superb copies and fakes of Meissen pieces. These have been known to turn up at reputable auction houses, so don’t risk being fooled – take the Meissen man’s advice before you buy.


Buying or selling at auction can be a mine field. The Meissen man draws on a life time of acquired knowledge to lead you through many of the pitfalls of buying and selling at auction.


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