Discussing a major pair of Meissen ‘Limoge Enamel’ Krater Vases with Nette Megens European Ceramics specialist at Bonhams. 

This pair of Krater Vases were painted by the renowned head of the painting and modelling department at Meissen; Ernst August Leuteritz. Responsible for the greatest quality achievements during his employment at the Meissen Factory during the 2nd half of the 19th century. The criteria that stands out the most is the special attention Leuteritz gave to attain the very finest of his workmanship. The quality of the gilding together with the splendour of the blue glaze enables the many layers of white porcelain (Limoge Enamel) to stand out. The pair of vases are virtually as pristine as the day they were offered for sale by the Meissen Factory.  

The scenes Leuteritz created taken from Mythological engravings possibly by Angelica Kauffman were very fashionable during the second half of the 19th century. Leuteritz was well known to have a talent of recreating the original with his new styles. The pair date from the beginning of the last quarter of the 19th century. A period when the finest of 19th century Meissen is seen. 

“Limoge Enamel” Meissen Porcelain is regarded as the finest of its type as well as amongst the most lavish and expensive porcelain ever produced at Meissen. To purchase a similar pair today would likely cost far in excess of the estimate as well as take several years to be made.  Each vase is 35cm high.

Here Nette Megens and Laurence Mitchell look at the outstanding artistry at close up.






The Meissen Man