The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg like other museums around the world houses great collections paintings and works of art. Its Meissen Porcelain room albeit rather small when compared to other major International museums even so the pieces of display are still exceptional and rare.

Within several large display cases is seen a period beginning at 1810 and ending in 1750. Within these 40 years is a cross section of the many wares that were produced during the Meissen Manufacties most prolific period. Included are a number of examples of Bottger Red-wares, Bottger Porcelain services wares. An extremely rare raised decoration blue and White Japanesque spice vase, a magnificent Jar and Cover in the Kakiemon style and other ware painted from flowers to people and exotic and mythical beasts and a fine selection of the painter Horoldt and Hausalerai. Within the scope of this collection is seen some exceptional examples of Kaendler Italian Comedy. Examples can be seen in the following two videos.

Bottger and Kakiemon meissen continents

The Meissen Man