If your interest is Meissen Porcelain then learning about the home of the Victorian Industrialist Cecil Higgins is a must after Lockdown has ended. The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery in Bedford around an hours drive north of London; The gallery is located just north of the river but within a stone throws of the high street and Peacocks Auction Rooms. It is one of those museums that is quite different from so many others in the UK as it includes a living room setting from Higgins home.

Back in 2008 when I first visited the museum I was astonished to find a Meissen Vase; the one with me standing next to greeting me just inside the front reception. The Vase is truly spectacular and was originally made in four sections.

However what is more astonishing was for many years the vase stood in the gardens of Cecil Higgins. Yet a close up view shows the vase is no worse for wear from its ordeal of many years being battered by the British weather. 

Like all wealthy collectors Higgins wanted the best of everything and a journey through his permanent ceramics exhibition displays very rare English and European ceramics from the 18th with particular emphasis on Meissen porcelain as can be seen in the video.


While you are there you can marvel at an amazing Swan tureen by the Chelsea Porcelain Factory. It is amongst the largest and rarest of Chelsea tureens and simply put awesome to be standing in front of.

The Meissen Man