The Victoria and Albert Museum is an ideal location to get an education when it comes to learning about world ceramics arguably the world’s largest selection, more so than any other museum. Only a fraction is on display at any one time but always a strong section of Meissen Porcelain dating from the very earliest circa 1710 and ending in the Marcolini period. Anything manufactured after the industrial revolution was not considered worthy to be in any collection. To be able to see the finest collection of Meissen Porcelain from the 19th century and later one needs to visit the Meissen Manufactory in Meissen. Nevertheless it is possible to garner much knowledge from the many hundreds of pieces of eighteenth century Meissen on display in Cabinets.

In this video The Meissen Man looks at a ‘look a like Meissen figural salt’. The English factory of Thomas Bevington circa 1860 made use of a ‘mock crossed swords mark on pieces¬†modelled in the Meissen style circa 1840-50. To learn more about deceptive and Meissen Fraud select this link to the main Meissen Fraud Page.


The Meissen Man